Mid-America seeks to offer quality theological education through this online learning experience, making it possible for students to participate who cannot attend regular classes on campus.

Students must be enrolled at Mid-America in order to access Mid-America Online. For admissions information and an enrollment application, go to mabts.edu, or contact the Admissions Office at 1-800-968-4508, or email at admissions@mabts.edu.

For issues accessing Mid-America Online, contact the MABTS Help Desk at (901) 751-8453 or helpdesk@mabts.edu.


MABTS offers multiple options to pay your tuition.

All information regarding tution and fees can be accessed here.

MABTS offers payment options for approved students. Additional information is found here and at MyCollegePaymentPlan.com/MidAmerica

If you have military or other educational scholarships or have any questions, please call the Business Office at 800-968-4508.


A list of the current years Online courses can be found at Mabts Courses.

Students may take up to 43 hours of the academic hours required for a Master of Divinity degree or 27 hours toward the Associate of Divinity degree through online courses. Degree programs may accept up to 49% of degree requirements completed through online courses.


Please review the seminary Catalog for course and program descriptions and any additional information.


Please review the Academic Calander for scheduled holidays and important dates. The calendar follows the Cordova campus schedule.


Please review our tutorial for accessing and using MidAmericaOnDemand.org. You may also watch this brief instructional video.

If you have questions regarding the course durig the semester, please contact your professor. If you have difficulty using or accessing the site, please contact Dr. Matt Akers at makers@mabts.edu.


The student attendance policy is located in the student handbook and catalog.

Students are required to log in and participate in the class at least three days each week. Moodle tracks student access to resources in each course and provides a report to the course instructor. Students are expected to invest as much time each week as he or she would in an on ground class (class time plus homework).


Chapel services can be accessed from the MABTS Web Site or as an iTunes podcast.


A signature of the Mid-America educational experience is participation in a practical missions ministry. Full time students are required to witness to one person each week and to participate in two different ministries each week during the term. Part-time students are required to witness to one person each week and to participate in one ministry each week during the term. Students register for ministries at the beginning of each term during the normal registration process. Most questions and issues can be resolved by reviewing the Practical Missions Page and manual. For aditioanl information please contact the Practical Missions office at 800-968-4508.

All students are required to report witness and ministry experiences each week through the Practical Missions Reporting System at, MABTS Practical Missions. The link to Practical Missions is on the main page.

Students who do not complete their Practical Missions report in a timely fashion may lose academic credit for that term.


Chapels are held on campus each Tuesday and Thursday. During these chapels faculty and students share their personal witnessing experiences. Online students are expected to share their experiences through the Practical Missions forum that is part of every course on this site. Every week, log in and go to the Reporting forum and enter in your witness report. Students can view the reports of fellow students for mutual encouragement. Reporting is mandatory for all students. Since online students can participate at any time during the week, no reporting exemptions are offered for online students. Every student is required to participate in the virtual reporting forums. Students may then check "present" when reporting into the Practical Missions System on the Practical Missions Website each week.

MABTS Proctor Agreement:

This is the MABTS exam proctor agreement. Please download a copy, print it, and have your proctor agree to the contract by signing and returning it to your professor. A PDF version is available for download at the bottom of the page.

I agree to the following:

1. I am not a current student at any school.

2. I am not related to the student.

3. I am not a co-worker of the student.

4. I will personally observe the student throughout their entire examination.

5. I will not provide the online examination key to the student taking the test and will not provide assistance in interpreting or completing the exam.

6. I will enforce the guidelines/instructions listed for each test. I understand that the student may not talk with anyone during the course of the exam and may use only those materials indicated on the exam instructions.

7. Once an exam is started it must be completed.

8. I will not copy or reproduce the exams under any circumstances.

9. I understand that I will not be paid for this service.

I accept the responsibility for proctoring Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary examinations in accordance to the statements outlined above.


Students and professors using online courses have the right to privacy. To view the privacy policy click on the link below.